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Hoya Vision Simulator

Materialise and HOYA Vision Care develop 3D printed eye care technology

Belgian 3D printing company Materialise has recently announced an exciting new partnership with HOYA Vision Care to develop an innovative visualization and eye testing technology that could potentially change the nature of eye exams and customer experience in optical shops.
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Hoya announces the Vision Simulator

Virtual reality (VR) technology is being used in lots innovative ways by global companies. Japanese medical technology company Hoya has been developing VR head-mounted displays (HMD) for medical use for a few years, and has now announced its latest model. 
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Hoya brings highly accurate 3D vision simulation to stores

A leader in technology-based sales support tools, HOYA is proud to introduce its latest innovation: the HOYA Vision Simulator offers wearers the ability to experience their new lenses before they buy them, right in the store.
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Materialise and Hoya Vision Care partner up to make going to the eye doctor more fun

No one likes going to the eye doctor – no one I know, anyway. I have terrible vision and got my first pair of glasses in third grade, though I refused to wear them for fear of being called a four-eyed nerd. This meant a lot of bumping into people until I finally gave in and started wearing them, but the worst part by far was always the eye examinations.
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Materialise eyes the future with Hoya

Belgium-based additive manufacturer Materialise has partnered with global med-tech company Hoya to design and deliver a 3D-printed vision examination system and end user visualisation equipment to opticians that could spell the end of the era of Snellen and LogMAR charts – the large familiar light boxes with rows of progressively smaller characters which are used in eye tests.
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Materialise to manufacture eye care systems

Materialise has teamed with HOYA Vision Care to provide additive manufacturing services for the company’s high-tech vision care solutions. HOYA will work with Materialise to design and manufacture the solutions using parts created in Materialise’s certified additive manufacturing facility.
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